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You may feel shy, awkward, or anxious around other people if you have low self-esteem. Or perhaps you criticize yourself harshly or think of yourself as incapable. It’s time to change your self-esteem

Building self-esteem improves our personal relationships, career, and overall well-being. At Elysian Counseling, we’ll work through the various factors that can cause low self-esteem to help shift existing negative thought patterns.

Change Your Life

Change Your Self-Esteem Education

at Elysian Counseling

We offer Individual Self-Esteem Coaching and Group Self-Esteem Coaching.

Coaching sessions will help you start changing your thoughts and beliefs about yourself. At Elysian, we strongly focus on holistic counseling, meaning we care about your entire well-being rather than one personality trait. We’ll help you or your group gain clarity on who you are and what you want from life.

Underneath your existing negative thought patterns is a positive, self-loving individual that is itching to break free. As your self-esteem rises, we’ll continue to make your goals a reality.

Lack of self-esteem is a common obstacle preventing many individuals from reaching their fullest potential. Our five-week Group Self-Esteem Coaching sessions foster a community-based environment for groups to feel supported and encouraged on the journey to reclaiming self-esteem. Individual Self-Esteem Coaching sessions will center more on your personal self-esteem patterns.

Below are common touch points we may work on during our
Change Your Self-Esteem Education classes:

  • How did I get here? – self-esteem development

  • Separating core self from externals
  • The basics of human worth
  • Imposter syndrome
  • Internalized critical voice
  • Destroying negative thoughts
  • Setting new life goals and reviving old ones
  • Find and tap into your true purpose
  • Gifts, strengths, talents
  • Feeling your way to good self-esteem
  • Self-esteem habits
  • Roll call of self-esteem skills

What is Self Esteem?

We can break down self-esteem into the following four words.


You’re able to feel certain about something


You’re sure of your capabilities, skills, talents


You have the physical or mental skills you need to do something


You understand your importance in the world
What is Self Esteem

Why Should You Work on Your Self-Esteem?

Living life crippled by no low or no self-esteem will have you dragging yourself through every day, week, and year in a fog of hopelessness.

The benefits of healthy self-esteem go far beyond your mental health. Self-esteem supports every positive experience in your life. Having healthy self-esteem will allow you to be your authentic self. You’ll have the confidence to identify your passions and purposes in life to plan your future with a drive to succeed.

Someone with great self-esteem can also form meaningful, healthy professional and personal relationships. You won’t be afraid to take on new challenges because you’ll be sure of your abilities to overcome obstacles. And finally, people with good self-esteem can live life to the fullest. Having high self-esteem means eliminating negative self-talk and self-sabotage so you can live your life in the greatest way possible.


Dr. Dwan Reed, PhD., LCSW

Dr. Dwan Reed is a certified anxiety (CCATP) and trauma therapist (EMDR), and relationship expert (PhD. in marriage and family therapy and LCSW) with over 19 years of experience. She provides individual, couple, and family therapy. Dwan is also a certified Integrative Mental Health Medicine Provider (CMHIMP), and a yoga, and natural health enthusiast. Many of her clients are seeking alternatives other than prescription medication for anxiety and depression. She is not just EMDR “trained”, but also certified with advanced hours in trauma.

Dwan is CBT (cognitive behavioral therapy) trained and a certified facilitator for Prepare/Enrich (marital & premarital). She helps couples successfully work through conflict and achieve the relationship that they both desire. She is a self-esteem coach providing individual and group self-esteem training. Dwan is happily married (30 yrs!) and the mother of 2 young adults.

Dwan is an adjunct for Fordham University Graduate School of Social Work and a Texas LCSW Board approved supervisor. Read more about her practice at Youtube channel –

Dr. Dwan Reed’s self-esteem story

Dwan was raised in a low-income home by a divorced mother. Both of her parents were emotionally and financially unstable. Dwan received lots of support from extended family and friends, but her home life was challenging. Dwan’s mother, who grew up in an abusive home with a mentally ill parent, was under a lot of stress as the custodial parent and sole provider for Dwan and her sister. Dwan was often the recipient of verbal and emotional abuse.

Dwan’s father was a “Disneyland dad” and was absent in the day-to-day childrearing of the children. Dwan was forced to grow up quickly and to help care for her younger sister, while her mother worked two and three jobs. Dwan also began working at a young age. She recognized in her early twenties that she herself had self-esteem issues which made her feel woefully inadequate and hindered her from achieving her goals.

While others seemed to believe in Dwan, she did not believe in herself.

Dwan married in her mid-twenties and for many years marital life contributed to her low self-esteem. She recognized that she had to work on her self-esteem if she wanted to be successful. Dwan began her journey toward growing in self-esteem through personal counseling, religious, and academic study. She began to look at herself in a different, way, seeing her talents, skills, and personality more accurately. Dwan was able to re-wire and re-program her self-esteem.

Through the skills that Dwan learned in therapy, as well as techniques she developed through her own study, Dwan was able to put down the foggy lens of negative self-talk, comparisons to others, unrealistic standards…. And to see herself as a unique, beloved child of God. As a result of her work and the value that she places on the changes that can be made from increasing self-esteem, Dwan has devoted a large part of her practice toward teaching others these skills.

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